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Disclaimer: When editing and applying preset, make sure you are familiar with basic S curves, color bar, and white balance. These basic editing tools will help enhance and bring your RAW photo to life before applying presets. 


When shooting in RAW make sure your settings are as true to the natural colors as possible. Don't over expose. Turn your Temp (kelvin) up for a little more warmth. My white balance is anywhere from 5400-7200 based on weather and lighting. 


clear whites,
and true to color results.

What do my presets offer?

Preset 1.

Storyofmarcusphoto preset 1 today! 

What does this preset come with? Glad you asked!
- You will receive a link to a dropbox where you will be able to download your new preset! After you download the file of the preset which will be in a XMP file, there will be a document attach to the dropbox file of how to import your new preset and apply it to your photos.

preset 1.

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